Secure Item Storage & Collection

All items are securely stored at our purpose built facility at 868 Nepean Hwy Hampton East. And if preferred, are available for collection from this site once a loan has been paid in full.

Legislation and Compliance

EZICASH management has held a current Endorsed Pawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Licence since 1999, and our business activities are governed by State Laws and Regulations which require strict compliance. Severe penalties exist for breaches of these Laws.

When conducting any ‘Buy’ or ‘Loan’ transaction, EZICASH is required to accurately record all relevant details of the transaction including the client’s identification.

If the client cannot provide acceptable Identification (see list), then no transaction can occur.

The 7 day rule

When a loan contract is agreed to, any item provided as security MUST be retained by EZICASH for a minimum of 7 days, irrespective of the fact that it may have already been paid off.

Payments & Expired Loans

We encourage clients to set up a regular Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Transfer to ensure that the loan(s) remain current.

It is imperative that you include your Loan Number if paying by EFT , so it can be matched with your loan.

If a loan expires, a pawnbroker, MUST at Law, "offer the goods for sale at the first available opportunity".

At EZICASH we endeavour to contact clients prior to the expiry date of the loan to remind them of their liability, this cannot be done in all cases. Therefore it is incumbent on the client to ensure that their contact phone number and email address remain current.